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Bertie the Pipebomb

Designed by renowned artist Ashley Wood.
Bertie the Pipebomb features over 46 points of articulation
with posabililty down to the tips of his fingers,
capable of holding any accessory in hand.
Each piece of the Bertie - Dirty Deeds figure
comes complete with belt of desert combat web gear,
two fragmented grenades,
4-inch long revolver with rotating chamber
loaded with anti-zombie rounds,
9-inch long machete, mesh bag, three zombie heads.

Back Story
World War Robot
Bertie - Rothchild Bertie the PIPEBOMB Serial 123x-88a
3x hull 0.9in MG, 1x 0.8in AA
MG, winch and A-frame jib).

Weight: 1.5 tons
Length: 4ft. (excluding gun)
Width: 4ft.
Height: 9.5ft.
Armor: 35-75mm
Armament: 200mm rpg, 15mm SMG MG (AA)
15mm SMG MA (AA)
17mm Drunk Uncle handgun
Lil Bang frag grenades
Butcher Machete (Covert model)
MG (hull and coaxial)
Engine: various, typically 700hp petrol or 675hp diesel
Top Speed: 24-40mph (cross-country 15-20mph approx)
Range: 100-150 miles (depending on engine)

Rothchild Munitions Division (R.M.D.), The Ltd. Andy story (Desert Combat Bertie). Against all odds,
Rothchild Bertie model Lt. Andy (11th division)
together with his experimental T.I upgrade (Task based Intellect),
repelled and overthrew a Lunar Land SQUID division
that was in the process of attacking a pivotal research base located in Tanta, North Africa.
Rothchild developed robots are now experiencing a shifting state of self evolution
as their based intellect (T.I) Slowly mutates and is developing a burgeoning sense of reason.
It was thought that a shift from traditional A.
I programming of robots to T.
I systems would rid the program of language of the
ability to evolve toward chaotic thought processes.
Instead it was thought that T.
I would provide a more task based, motivational kernel.

It is now believed as memory components are increased,
the increased memory capacity is able to determine
outcomes based on fluid prevalent criteria, not rigid predetermined data.
Engineers predict that the shirt toward reason and away from data usage is being caused by A.E.
(Artificial Evolvement) sub routines that exist in
the elegant frag (E.F) low level language.

About Ashley Wood:
Ashley Wood (1971) was born in Australia,
and now resides in Australia and The United States.
He lives with his wife, his two sons, and one stinky cat.
Ashley has been a professional illustrator for over ten years,
and has worked for most major entertainment companies including Dreamworks SKG,
Warner Bros., Random House, Marvel Comics, McFarlane Entertainment, IDW, and Konami.
His illustration technique is a combination of traditional painting techniques,
coupled with digital photography and graphic software.
Currently Ashley divides his time between operating
his entertainment company 7174 TYP LTD., creating properties for film, comics, books, and toys;
and commercial projects including the Official Metal Gear Solid comic for IDW Publishing,
and commissions from the advertising- and entertainment industry.

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