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CY Com Colossus

12" full action figure by BBI cross over with Takara's hensin cyborg : " Colossus "
This character is set in the future of the year 2064 and are cybernetically enhanced humans with strengthened skeletal structures and improved physical strengths and abilities. So they are part man and part machine with all kinds of tricky stuff inside them. Each has a specific skill and combat technique and their mission is to assist the Cy-Girls in their operations.

The first of the Cy-Com is Colossus and he is a frontal assault specialist whose weapon of choice is the mighty M-60 Vulcan rotating cannon. No ordinary human could lift the weapon let alone fire it effectively which is why Colossus relies upon his physical enhancements to achieve this. Colossus also carries small arms and is an expert marksman and a close quarter battle expert. So feast your eyes on his image and the totally new "hybrid" body that contains his human and "improved" components.

Colossus comes with : long leather jacket, leather verst, leather pants, hand gun, M60 vulcan rotating cannon , 4 sets of hands, 2 eye wear, lighting systen at the base body ( battery inculded )

CY Com Colossus (Sold Out) BBi
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