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Green Hornet Ultimate Collection 
4 Dis Set

Plot: Includes both feature films, all 26 TV episodes, all 13 serial episodes from 1940,
both Batman crossover episodes, plus a wealth of bonus features, in a 4-disc Digipak.

Overview: The ultimate set for "Green Hornet" collectors.
This special edition contains the two feature films:
along with all 26 "Green Hornet" TV episodes from 1966-1967,
and all 13 "Green Hornet" serial episodes from 1940.
It also contains a rare interview with Bruce Lee, a documentary on the "Black Beauty" car,
classic "Green Hornet" trailers, a bonus short film, and the two Batman/Green Hornet crossover episodes.
All in all, nearly 25 hours of material. All material is best available quality,
and in general is very good considering the age, but is not remastered.

The Green Hornet (1974)
Fury Of The Dragon (1976)
Documentary: "History Of The Black Beauty" (14 min)
Rare Interview With Bruce Lee

Batman/GH Crossover 1: ""A Piece Of The Action"
Batman/GH Crossover 2: "Batman's Satisfaction"
"Green Hornet" pilot episode, "The Silent Gun"
"Green Hornet" short film directed by Aurelien Poitrimoult
Green Hornet Episodes 1-9 (1966)
The Silent Gun (9/9/1966)
Give 'Em Enough Rope (9/16/1966)
Programmed for Death (9/23/1966)
Crime Wave (9/30/1966)
The Frog is a Deadly Weapon (10/7/1966)
Eat, Drink, and Be Dead (10/14/1966)
Beautiful Dreamer Part 1 (10/21/1966)
Beautiful Dreamer Part 2 (10/28/1966)
The Ray is for Killing (11/11/1966)

Green Hornet Episodes 10-26 (1966-1967)
The Preying Mantis (11/18/1966)
The Hunters and the Hunted (11/25/1966)
Deadline for Death (12/2/1966)
The Secret of the Sally Bell (12/9/1966)
Freeway to Death (12/16/1966)
May the Best Man Lose (12/23/1966)
The Hornet and the Firefly (12/30/1966)
Seek, Stalk and Destroy (1/6/1967)
Corpse of the Year Part 1 (1/13/1967)
Corpse of the Year Part 2 (1/27/1967)
Ace in the Hole (2/3/1967)
Bad Bet on a 459
Trouble for Prince Charming (2/17/1967)
Alias The Scarf (2/24/1967)
Hornet Save Thyself (3/3/1967)
Invasion from Outer Space Part 1 (3/10/1967)
Invasion from Outer Space Part 2 (3/17/1967

Green Hornet Movie Serial Episodes 1-13 (1940)
The Tunnel Of Terror
Thundering Terror
Flying Coffins
Pillar Of Flame
The Time Bomb
Highways of Peril
Bridge Of Disaster
Dead Or Alive
The Hornet Trapped
Bullets And Ballots
Disaster Rides The Rails
Panic In The Zoo
Doom Of The Underworld

Features: "History Of The Black Beauty" Documentary
Rare Bruce Lee Interview
Bonus Short Film
DVD-9 x 4

Green Hornet Ultimate Collection DVD box set / Bruce Lee , Van Williams (Sold Out) DVD
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