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Aliens Weyland-Yutani Sneakers (Sigourney Weaver/ Ellen Ripley Shoes) Sold Out
Apexplorers 12" figure 1/6 Space Adam (Sold Out)
Bado Seijin 30CM figure 1/6 Ultraseven (Sold Out)
Batman (1989 Version DX Series) Michael Keaton 12" figure 1/6 (Sold Out)
Biohazard Zombie SWAT 12" figure (Sold Out)
Bruce Lee 19" Figure Maquette Statue (Sold Out)
Child's Play Chucky Talking Doll 26 " Animated Custom (Sold Out)
Chinese Connection figure (Sold Out)
CIA - SPECIAL Activities Division (Sold Out)
Conan The Barbarian 19" Statue Maquette Arnold Schwarzenegger (Sold Out)
Copperhead-18 Dr. Cube 12" figure (Sold Out)
Custom of Mezco Jason Voorhees 12" figure (Sold Out)
Dark Knight Batman 12" Figure Image Version (Discontinued)
Day The Earth Stood Still Gort & Klaatu 12" figure set (Sold Out)
Diecast Metal Godzilla Type 66 Maser Cannon Tank 1/48 scale Remote Control R/C
Dr. Slump Scoma Urban Vinyl 8" figure D (Sold Out)
Electra (Sold Out)
Final Fantasy VII Cloud & Hardy Daytona 8" figure Set (Sold Out)
Friday The 13th 2009 Jason Voorhees 8" figure (Sold Out)
Game Of Death Yellow Nunchaku Prop & Case Bruce Lee (Sold Out)
Godzilla 1954 Train Diorama Statue Jin Koubou version (Sold Out)
Godzilla vs Evangelion Osaka Exclusive Cloth Print (Sold Out)
Godzilla vs Evangelion Tokyo Exclusive Cloth Print (Sold Out)
Grand Prix Race 12" figure Porsche Carrera Cup (Sold Out)
Hakaider 12" figure 1/6 Ver 2.0 Kikaida (Sold Out)
Hayata 12" figure / Ultraman (Sold Out)
IN A SET OF 6 ONLY Game Of Death "Jay II" (Sold Out)
Indiana Jones 12" figure Harrison Ford Movie Classic (Sold Out)
Jabba the Hutt 12" figure Star Wars (Sold Out)
Kato Mask 1/1 prop Green Hornet (Sold Out)
Kiseiju Parasyte Migi 1/1 scale life size soft vinyl Righty (Sold Out)
Matango Attack of the Mushroom People with Kumi Mizuno 1/6 Scale Diorama 2.0
Mr. Han 12" figure Enter The Dragon Shih Kien (Sold Out)
Nazi Zombie 12" figure 1/6 Custom WCS-01 (Tribute To Worst Case Scenario Film) Discontinued
NEBELWERFER 3 color camouflage WWII (Sold Out)
Pazuzu vast swam of demons Art Statue
Planet Of The Apes General Ursus 12" figure (Sold Out)
Rocky Balboa & Clubber Lang 12" figure (Sold Out)
SAW / Jigsaw Killer 12" figure (Sold Out)
SIC Kamen Rider Hibiki Limited Version (Sold Out)
T-800 Terminator 12" figure T2 Jugement Day Arnold Schwarzenegger (Sold Out)
Taiko No Tatsujin 6" or 12" Plush B (Sold Out)
Taiko No Tatsujin 6" or 12" Plush R (Sold Out)
The New Option (Sold Out)
Tom Cruise 12" figure War Of The Worlds Toys (Sold Out)
Tom Cruise Last Samurai 12" Figure
Trading Figures & Kubrick
U.S. Navy Seal Team 3 Gunner 12" figure (Sold Out)
Ultimate Universal Posable 12" Figure Base Body (Sold Out)

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