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Ultimate Universal Posable 12" Figure Base Body (Sold Out)
WWII 1/6 Alfred Kurzmaul 12" figure Dragon Expo 07 (Sold Out)
X-Men Origins: Wolverine 12" figure (Sold Out)
" Bruce Lee" Memories Of Dragon DX Limited Japan Version (Sold Out)
" Mike Connolly" U.S. Army Infantryman (Sold Out)
"Andre Marek" (Gerard Butler) Timeline (Sold Out)
"Anton & Vaprossov" German Signals Team
"Boris" Red Army LMG Gunner (Sold Out)
"Chris Johnston" (Paul Walker) Timeline (Sold Out)
"De Kere" (Martin Csokas) Timeline (Sold Out)
"Florian Geyer" Cavalryman 12" figure (Sold Out)
"Franz" 3.Panzer-Division "Totenkopf"(Sold Out)
"Fred K. Treiber" Gebirgsjäger Veteran 4.Gebirgs-Division 12" figure (Sold Out)
"Graham" British Paratrooper (Sold Out)
"Guard of Pagoda" Dan Inosanto 12" figure (Discontinued)
"Günther Kiefer" - WH Anti-Tank Gunner (Sold Out)
"Kate Ericson" Frances O'Connor Timeline (Sold Out)
"Lord Arnaut" (Lambert Wilson) Timeline (Sold Out)
"Marcus Holzhammer" Luftwaffe FLAK Gunner 12" figure (Sold Out)
"Nino Arena" Italian Paratrooper 12" figure (Sold Out)
"Oscar Boesch" - Luftwaffe Fighter 12" figure (Sold Out)
"Otto" - Kommandeur des Jäger-Bataillon 502 (Sold Out)
"Otto" - Kommandeur des Sonderverband 12" figure (Sold Out)
"Screaming Eagle" 101st Airborne 12" figure (Sold Out)
"Subadai" The Mongol Warrior 12" figure (Sold Out)
"TENGU ARISE" Art Statue Gods and Spirits of East
( 24 Twenty Four ) Jack Bauer DX 12" figure Sold Out
( 24 Twenty Four season 5 ) Jack Bauer 12" figure (Sold Out)
(24 Twenty Four : Jack Bauer 12" figure (Sold Out)
(Bruce Lee)Dragon Since 1973 (Sold Out)
(Michael Lau ) Davy in Fire Ball SG (Sold Out)
(Rocky III ) Clubber Lang daywear Version 12" figure (Sold Out)
(Rocky IV) Apollo Creed 12" figure
(Rocky IV) Ivan Drago 14" figure (Sold Out)
0 Tester # 3 Plastic Model (Sold Out)
0 Tester # 4 (Sold Out)
0 Tester #2 (Sold Out)
0 Tester secret Base Island Plastic Model (Sold Out)
1/1 scale Yellow Nunchaku Game Of Death Anniversary Edition
1/2 scale Kamen Rider #2 Helmet (Sold Out)
1/3 scale Kamen Rider V3 helmet (Sold Out)
1/4 Scale Figures
1/6 75mm Pack Howitzer M1A1 Dradon Expo 07 (Sold Out)
1/6 Bradley Tank with CVC Commander 12" figure Set (Sold Out)
1/6 Fully articulated Hand Tools Set (Sold Out)
1/6 Gun Display Rack (Sold Out)
1/6 Scale 12" Figure Base Body XB1 (Sold Out)
1/6 scale 12" figure base body XP1 (Sold Out)
1/6 Scale 12" Figure Base Body XT1 (Sold Out)

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