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1:6 scale Wooden Dummy / Wing Chun Kung Fu & Jeet Kune Do (Sold Out)
2000 Godzilla 8" vinyl figure (Sold Out)
2005 Dragon Expo : Zündapp KS-750 + DAK Afrika Korps figure Vigo Treiber (Sold Out)
2014 Godzilla 30 cm Maquette Statue Japan WF Limited (Sold Out)
24 CTU Agent Jack Bauer 12" figure Kiefer Sutherland (Sold Out)
24 Jack Bauer 1/6 Figure 12" Kiefer Sutherland CTU (Sold Out)
24 Tony Almeida 1/6 Figure 12" Carlos Bernard CTU (Sold Out)
26th MEU 2nd Force Recon - Chopper (Sold Out)
3 Eye God YeeLon (Sold Out)
3 Zero Trooper (Sold Out)
300 King Leonidas 12" figure Gerard Butler (Sold Out)
31 Inch Dark Knight Batman Renewal Version
3D Sci Fi model & scratch build guide (Sold Out)
4th Anniversary Max Parachute DX (Sold Out)
5RB Fireball (Sold Out)
60's Bullmark Godzilla / Jiras 12" figure ( Vinyl with Tin Metal Finish ) Sold Out
60's Classic Japanese Comic Art (Sold Out)
60's Marusan Godzilla 12" figure ( Vinyl with Tin Metal Finish) Sold Out
70's Hensin Cyborg Casshern 12" figure (Sold Out)
70's Hensin Cyborg Devilman (Sold Out)
70's Hensin Cyborg Mazinger Z 12" figure (Sold Out)
70's Hensin Cyborg Mirrorman 12" figure (Sold Out)
70's Kamen Rider Henshin Belt (Sold Out)
82nd Air Borne ( Freedom Force ) (Sold Out)
911 Fire Fighter ( African American ) (Sold Out)
911 Fire Fighter (Sold Out)
911 Fire Fighter Ver 2.0 Lieutenant 12" figure 1/6 (Sold Out)
911 Fire Fighter Ver 2.0 Trainee 12" figure 1/6 Sold Out
97' Medicom Toy Collection
A Clockwork Orange Alex 1/6 Custom Figure 12" Malcolm McDowell (Sold Out)
A Nightmare On Elm Street Freddy 's Glove Prop Replica (Sold Out)
A Step Into The Past Ancient Type (Sold Out)
A Step Into The Past Modern Type(Sold Out)
Aaron Eckhart Two Face 12" figure Batman The Dark Knight (Sold Out)
Abbey Chase Danger Girl 12" figure (Sold Out)
Abe Sapien 12" figure Hellboy Golden Army (Sold Out)
Abigail Whistler 12" figure Blade Trinity Jessica Biel (Sold Out)
Ace Killer 12" figure Ultraman ACE
Action Girl ( female figure guide book )
ADA Wong 1/6 figure 12" the Resident Evil (Sold Out)
Adam 12" Base Body (Sold Out)
Adam Beach (windtalkers) 12" figure (Sold Out)
Aecadia " Captain Harlock " (Sold Out)
AF Special Operation Command 12" figure (Sold Out)
Afrika British SAS Brigade (Sold Out)
Agent : Nigo (Sold Out)
Agira Ultraseven (Sold Out)
AH-6 "Little Bird" 1/6 scale Helicopter (Sold Out)

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