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Timeline by Paramount Pictures
"Lord Arnaut" (Lambert Wilson)

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Based on the book by Michael Crichton (Jurassic Park)
and directed by Richard Donner (Lethal Weapon)

While excavating medieval ruins in a remote area of France, archeology student Chris Johnston (Paul Walker) and a team of classmates make a startling discovery. Entombed in the remains of an ancient castle, the group unearths an unusual piece of parchment etched with the desperate phrase, “Help Me.” The parchment is analyzed and proven to be written by their missing Professor...but Carbon-dated at over 600 years old! Enter Robert Doniger—a billionaire mogul with enough resources to have invented a quantum Time Machine. When the team learns that Doniger “lost” their Professor somewhere in the year 1357 AD, they decide to head back and rescue him from history’s darkest age. But time travel is not exactly a two-way street, and with the present quickly becoming the future, the group must rely on their knowledge of the past to survive a historic feudal battle between French and English armies.

Body Armor
Full Arm Chain Mail
Leg Chain Mail
Neck Chain Mail
Shin Plating
Knee Armor
Shoulder Armor
Lord Arnout Frock
Lord Arnout Pants
Knight Waist Belt
Detailed Shield
Knife with Scabbard
Scabbard Forg
Sword Scabbard
English Sword

ARNAUT is an English lord determined to repel the evil French. He includes some of the most detailed armor and equipment that Dragon has made. Items such as his shield and even chain mail were recreated using the actual props from the movie!

"Lord Arnaut" (Lambert Wilson) Timeline (Sold Out) Dragon
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