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Limited 30 made world Wide 
12" full action figure

Heroes Club and Tao Co-production 1:6 original full action figure

The Creators' Struggle - " DX Ninja Dark "
"The Art of Armed and Unarmed Combat in 1:6 figures"

For the past couple of years, attention has built up among all 1:6 action figure collectors in Asia. Trends of reflecting Asian culture in action figures are quickly emerged, especially in the area of martial arts. In the 3rd quarter of 2002, a revolutionary figure will be launched. This is the first co-production between East (TAO Production) and West (Heroes Club-Art of Toys) in a 1:6 martial art figure series production. The designers have the goal to identify different martial art characters from different cultures and to reflect their spirits in the form of full-action figures. This 1:6 scale figure is not the typical action figures or toy you see on the market because we have injected the "Art" of realism in its armed and unarmed combat forms. The first in this series will be named "DX Ninja Dark".

The main concept in creating the "DX Ninja Dark" is to bring "Arts" into its design.
The "DX Ninja Dark" is a figure with "wearable arts".
The mask of the Ninja, which symbolizes the spirit and the soul of a warrior in the Asian culture,
is made of 925 sterling silver.
It can be detached and worn as a pendant (sterling silver necklace included).
The Ninja also comes with a full spectrum of detailed accessories:
a die-cast metal ninja sword,
ninja stars,
manriki chain,
kama with metal chain,
tabi sock,
netted sweatshirt,
battle dress uniform and spandex hood. The unique 29 movable-jointed base body enables the Ninja to pose all signature positions resembling that of a real human. These carefully designed features and themes undoubtedly turns our "DX Black Ninja" into a piece of art collection in armed and unarmed combat form. We are proud to present the "DX Ninja Dark" a masterpiece of the 21st century.

After his first success in Devil Ninja in 2000, Jason Ng from Tao Production and Robin Kwok from Heroes Club-Art of Toys are working very closely to produce the next generation of action figure -- figure with "wearable arts" and a high expression of "realism." This production team has the knowledge and skills in this industry to bring such realism to the figure based on their years of experience in the study of martial arts and 1:6 figures production: Jason is a professional martial art instructor and figure designer; Robin has over 15 years of modeling and sculpturing experience. Over hundreds of martial art pictures and books were referenced for their creation.

To ensure top quality as well as rarity, the production of "DX Black Ninja" is limited to 30 worldwide. Each box is numbered individually and buyers may find randomly signed sets by the production team in these 30 "DX Ninja Dark"

Portrait Of Power DX " Ninja Dark " (Discontinued) Tao/ Heroes Club
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