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BBI Anniversary Figure 
Seal Team Six 1/6 figure 12" Devgru Red Team

Product Specifications:
Figure head and neck module (new mold)
Detachable plastic hair (A style) (new mold)
Detachable plastic hair (B style) (new mold)
Detachable plastic face (mouth open / sought) (new mold)
Detachable plastic face (mouth close) (new mold)
12� full articulated body w/ bare hands (new)
Armor plate x 2
MICH 2001 helmet in AOR 1 pattern
Mission Helmet Recording System (new mold)
NVG dashboard Mounting Bracket w/ Day/Night Video Camera
Modular Power track
NVG mounting arm
Two detachable power supply modules
Recording module
NVG lanyard assembly
Cable assembly
Manta strobe light (new mold)
SI style tan color sunglasses (new mold)
X50 radio control system (new mold)
Bone conduct ear piece x 2
Maritime cable connector
PRC-148 radio
Blade antenna
Extension cable /w L-shape radio connector (new mold)
MK46 mod 0 machine gun
MK46 mod 0 5.56 100rd soft ammo box (new mod)
MK46 mod 0 5.56 black 200rd plastic ammo box
5.56 bullet link (15rd) (new mold)
Specter 0-4 weapon scope (new mold)
PEQ-15 laser sight /w pressure switch (new mold)
P-226R 9mm pistol
P-226R magazine x 2
P-226R 9mm pistol holster
Pistol holster molle lock (new mold)
Weapon fore grip
Extended bipod weapon fore grip
Gloved hands (1 pair)
Knee pads (new mold)
Light stick x 4
Hydration tube and cover (new mold)
K9 dog goggles (new mold)
Devgru K9 dog (new mold)

Sewing accessories
Blue pattern head scarf
AOR 2 combat pants
AOR 2 combat shirt
Leaf camo wind jacket
AOR 1 tactical backpack
AOR 1 machine gunner rig
AOR 1 slick body armor
AOR 1 Open top 9mm mag pouch x 2
Tan color rigger belt
Safety lanyard
AOR1 radio pouch
AOR1 tourniquet
AOR1 machine gun sling
AOR1 K9 tactical armor
Afg scarf
Combat Hiker boots
IR green America flag x 2
IR tan America flag x 2
NSWDG Red team patch
AOR 2 call sign x 2

Seal Team Six 1/6 figure 12" Devgru Red Team BBI USD $ 168.00
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