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Late in 1990 the US Army 1st Special Operations Command was re-designated the US Army Special Forces Command (Airborne).

The 10th Special Forces Group is a part of this group and is located at Ft. Carson, CO. The 10th consists of over 1,100 highly trained troops whose roles include foreign internal defense, un-conventional warfare, special reconnaissance, direct action and anti-terrorism activities. Special Forces soldiers are specially trained and highly capable of extended operations in remote and hostile territory.
Head & body
A pair of flight gloved hands with fist
IBH Helmet
BDU shirt
BDU pants
D.O.V.A Vest
A pair of knee pads
Knee pad cover x 2
Combat boots
Head set
M-4 Carbine set
M1911A1 pistol
M1911A1 pistol magazine x 2
M1911A1 pistol holster
Smoke grenade x 3
C.S. Grenade pouch
Strobe light
Saber radio

Special Force Airborn - Gunslinger (Sold Out) BBI
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