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Infected Protester 
Tribute To Occupy wall Street

CUSTOM All Hand Made
Infected Anonymous III bBiohazard Zombie 12" figure
Life like Artifical Zombie Hair Implant, a over 30 moving joints base body
Weatherbeaten and Distressed Suit,Shirt,Tie, Drsss Pants , Shoes
Toilet Seat with True to scale Biohazard Human Stools !!!
1/6 scale toilet can with Wet Feces water effect
Posters , Dirty Money , Toile Paper, Custom Display Base
Option 1/6 Bitten Human Foot
** Certificate Of Authenticity **

This piece is hand-painted and finished,
with its own unique quality and detail
that is the trademark of a handcrafted
Art Of Toys custom product.

Zombie 12" figure 1/6 CUSTOM Infected Anonymous III Biohazard Feces (Sold Out) AOT
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